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Thanks for jumping in to help California voters take back the House majority!

The Alliance mission: Organizing to sweep our state’s six purple districts and remove MAGA Republicans from control of Congress in November 2024.

We believe that grassroots activists are best positioned to do the on-the-ground and digital labor required to take back the House majority, so our guiding principles focus on the regular people who do this work every day. Formed to connect independent progressive groups including Indivisibles, Swing Left chapters, Action Councils, Resistance huddles, and many more, our statewide network pledges…

  • to center the volunteers, rather than the institutions or organizations,

  • to simplify, rather than overwhelm,

  • and to pinpoint strategic opportunities, rather than resign ourselves to redundancy.

Whether you live near or far, in a red region or blue, please join us!

Group Leader

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As an Alliance member group, you gain access to updated district briefings and insights, one-to-one support calls, and extensive toolkits designed specifically to support California grassroots leaders. Our pre-launch interviews with dozens of group leaders revealed that you want ways to 

  • re-energize and grow your group

  • select smart strategies that fit your volunteers

  • pinpoint the greatest needs in your adopted district, satisfying the thirst to make an impact and not duplicate efforts

We heard you. In response, experienced Alliance organizers have built custom, California-centric programs where your volunteers can achieve the purple-district impact they yearn for.

Partner Organization

As an Alliance partner organization, your entity can amplify events in the six target districts via the Alliance calendar, stay connected with volunteers via our networking hub, and provide training and resources that advance your expertise and mission into the key races. Please contact for more information on partnering.

By joining together, we can make the best and highest use of every volunteer’s time, talent, and funds on our shared path to victory in 2024!   

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