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Power in the House Campaign to fund Voter Registration Bank

Donate now to help the Alliance fund the registration, persuasion and mobilization of up to 40,000 names identified by Field Team 6 as unregistered but likely Democrats eligible to vote in our SWEEP SIX districts. Thank you.


The Alliance relies on donations to do this work. If you can help fund this volunteer-led and volunteer-fueled effort, thank you for donating now to help us continue to build for electoral success in 2024!


In 2024, Democrats can retake the House. Looking for a way to be part of that victory? 


The most strategic investment you can make to retake the House majority right now: Donate to the community-based organizations inside the six target districts!


The California Grassroots Alliance District Funds directly support community-based  groups in each of the six districts we need to sweep. Your gift builds capacity and grassroots infrastructure, helping vetted, trusted groups on the ground do what they know matters most in their particular district. Working year-round, these groups are building a new culture of voting and giving voice to local people applying true grassroots principles. 

Why prioritize donations NOW to in-district community-based organizations instead of candidates?


These days, elections are not about who runs. They are about who VOTES. 


In California, “who votes” is not the same as who COULD vote. Across the six target districts, more than 550,000 eligible persons are not yet registered, according to the October 2023 report of the Secretary of State. Latinos, in particular, are significantly underrepresented in voter registration rates and voter turnout. 

But creating a voting culture cannot be the work of a single candidate’s campaign, or even of a single political party. It is the work of in-district groups who know what matters, what prevents registration and voting locally, and what to do to improve turnout and registration rates. These vetted organizations engage the community year-round and help turn out registered voters out when it’s GOTV time. Investing here means your dollars help build  long-term power for elections well into the future.  

How can you best put your dollars to work? We recommend that you create a simple Donor Plan for 2024 and create a budget for your contributions. 

  • Ask yourself, how much is democracy worth to you? What’s your monthly budget? What’s your total for the year? 

  • If you can, stretch a little!

  • Start with an early donation to build the capacity of in-district, on-the-ground groups because early money is critical, and then make recurring monthly donations help give organizations a dependable income stream.

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